Finance Committee: Monitors the financial conditions of the Society and makes recommendations to the Executive Council regarding the Society’s budget, investments, and investment policies (the Investment Policy Statement).

Program Committee: The Program Committee serves the membership and Executive Council in planning the Annual Meeting of the Society.

Social Policy Committee: To encourage and facilitate rigorous research on adolescent development that informs key social policy issues to create opportunities for training and education, build effective policy partnerships, and ensure the empirical knowledge base of adolescent development is used to inform timely policy debates.

Membership Committee: To evaluate the status of membership in the Society and determine necessary areas for growth and mechanisms to enhance that growth.

  • International Sub-committeeAdvise on issues related to international membership, collaboration with international organizations, and how the Society can promote international research on adolescence
  • Interdisciplinary Sub-committee: Produce a plan to expand SRA membership beyond psychology, human development, and family studies programs to attract and retain more members from a broader array of fields (i.e. sociology and public health).
  • Membership Sub-committee: Monitors the current membership in terms of diversity in academic rank, levels of training, international representation, discipline, race/ethnicity, and gender

Media & Communication Committee: To position SRA as a leading source of public information and interdisciplinary knowledge in areas related to adolescence and young adulthood through various media and communications channels including JRA, media, internal, and external communications.

  • Publications Sub-committee: Review the existing publication, evaluation of proposals for major modifications in the publication and for establishment of any new publications
  • Media & Communications Sub-committee: To position SRA as a leading source of public information and interdisciplinary knowledge in areas related to adolescence and young adulthood.
  • Blog Associate Editors

Awards Committee: Tasked with encouraging submissions and reviewing nominations for SRA awards.

  • Dissertation Award Sub-committee: Tasked with encouraging submissions and reviewing nominations for SRA Dissertation Award.
  • Early Career & John P. Hill Memorial Award Sub-committee: Tasked with encouraging submissions and reviewing nominations for SRA Early Career Research Award and John P. Hill Memorial Award. The John P. Hill Memorial Award recognizes an individual who's overall program of work has had a significant impact on our understanding of development and behavior during the second decade of their lifespan.
  • Outstanding Mentor Award Sub-committee: Tasked with encouraging submissions and reviewing nominations for SRA Outstanding Mentor Award.
  • Mid-Career Research Award: Tasked with encouraging submissions and reviewing nominations for SRA Mid-Career Research Award for Excellence.
  • Organizational Award: The Organizational Award for Excellence in Research & Programming for Youth honors an organization that has contributed significantly to enhancing scientific research and application of that research to promote development of young people from diverse backgrounds and in diverse settings. It is awarded in recognition that organizations play a vital role in advancing science and science-based programs and policies that serve young people. Foundations, university-based centers that focus on research and policies relevant to youth, and youth-serving community organizations, among others, are eligible for this award

IESJ Committee: To help assure that all members, irrespective of background, feel welcome, valued, and able to contribute to the development of the broader SRA mission.

  • IESJ Sub-committee: Increase the representation, inclusion, and professional development of individuals from underrepresented groups in the membership of the society
  • Anti-Racism Sub-committee: The taskforce uses a spoke model where each new member will be placed on another SRA subcommittee in which they will meet monthly to contribute to DEI efforts and bring guidance from the anti-racism taskforce. They will bring back information related to antiracist efforts from each committee to quarterly antiracism taskforce meetings

Professional Development Committee: Create a think tank for coordinators to enhance scholar programs within SRA.

  • Emerging Scholars
  • Undergraduate Scholars Program
  • International Young Scholars Program
  • Mid-Career Scholars
  • COVID-19 International Fellows Program

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