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Christy Buchanan, Wake Forest University
Elizabeth (Birdie) Shirtcliff, University of Oregon
Meredith Hope, The College of Wooster
Patricia Ang, Nottingham University

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The Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) welcomes scholarly articles/blogs related to adolescence based on the criteria described below. Content must be consistent with our mission statement and must be submitted by a member of SRA. We welcome the following content:

Articles/Blogs: The SRA website accepts submissions in the areas listed below; submissions should be approximately 500-750 words, and may be written in an expert or research voice. Submissions are always welcome. SRA Online is not considered a site of first publication for empirical research or reviews.

Contributors should specify the website section where they intend their article to be published:

  • Research Summaries: Lay language summaries of a specific journal article (in press or published) or a summary of a body of work. These articles may focus on a specific theory/approach, explain a particular methodology, or review findings.
  • Applying Findings: Discussion of the implications of a study (or series of studies) that specifically address how website visitors might use these findings in their own professional or personal interactions with adolescents.
  • Teaching Adolescence: Articles describing an exercise, activity, or assignment that might be used when teaching the topic of adolescence/adolescent development. This content is primarily geared for undergraduate and graduate instructors.
  • Academic Life: Blogs discussing various aspects of academic life, including the dissertation process, job search, being a mentor or mentee, tenure review, and the like.
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