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Gun Violence:

SRA Response to Mass Shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX

SRA mourns the victims of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. This shooting is the most recent and deadly in a staggering number of mass shootings occurring in many communities across the United States, including shootings this month at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY, in Koreatown in Dallas, TX,  and at a Presbyterian church in Irvine, California (Gun Violence Archive, 2022; NPR, 2022). Our condolences go out to all affected by these heinous acts, including families, friends, and community members. SRA acknowledges that this new wave of grief is occurring in a context of decades of mass shootings, and occurred as we mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, one of the deadliest school shootings in the history of the United States. These mass shootings reverberate across the nation, as youth, parents, and communities are all impacted by the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. These events have resounding consequences for adolescent development and wellbeing.  No one should have to fear becoming a victim of gun violence.

SRA calls for action from elected officials to address the gun violence epidemic, including:

  • Expansion of research that begins to identify factors at multiple levels that account for recent increases in the frequency and severity of mass shootings in the United States.
  • Funding of evidence-based programs and research to address gun violence prevention and effective responses to mitigate the negative impacts of gun violence when it occurs
  • Increased funding for screening and treatment of mental health concerns and issues, especially among adolescents and young adults, and particularly among those seeking access to firearms. This is imperative because for many individuals, mental health concerns and issues first emerge during these developmental periods. 

These calls for action are only a few of many research-based recommendations on gun violence prevention that have also been proposed by organizations such as the American Psychological Association (2013), American Public Health Association (2021), and American Medical Association (2022).

Talking with children and adolescents about safety and concerns related to guns and school shootings is crucial in helping them navigate these tragedies. The following list of resources may help adults talk to their children about gun violence.


SRA is committed to promoting anti-racism within our organization, developmental science, and society at large. We define anti-racism as racial equity created and maintained by interactions between equitable psychological factors, such as beliefs, feelings, and behavior rooted in equity, and equitable sociopolitical factors, such as laws, policies, and institutions that ensure equity for all (Roberts & Rizzo, 2020). Having an anti-racist perspective means challenging, interrupting, and eliminating all forms of racism within ourselves and our spheres of influence (Derman-Sparks & Phillips, 1997).