Anti-Racism Task Force

In the summer of 2020, the SRA President Velma McBride Murry established an ad-hoc Anti-racism Task Force to develop and deploy actions that hold SRA accountable to our commitment to being an actively anti-racist society and seeking to uproot systems of White supremacy in three broad areas: 1) within SRA; 2) within academia; and 3) within the discipline of adolescent research.  The committee aims to ensure the application of anti-racist policies in our society, provides support for scholars from underrepresented and minoritized groups and facilitate greater visibility of SRA’s mission to support anti-racism efforts in academia, scholarship, and practice that benefit adolescents across the world.

The committee has three workgroups that will address these three areas. Members were identified by the Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice co-chairs, the Vice-President of Programming (who will be chairing the Task Force), and the President and were selected due to past commitment to anti-racism as well as taking into account diversity in membership. 

 Chair Gabriela Stein
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
 Member Sheretta Butler-Barnes
Washington University in St. Louis
 Member Christia Brown
University of Kentucky
 Member Brandon Yoo
Arizona State University
 Member Devin English
Rutgers University
 Member Erin Godfrey
New York University
 Member Fatima Varner
University of Texas at Austin
 Member Josefina Banales
University of Pittsburgh
 Member Meeta Banerjee
University of South Carolina
 Member Riana Elyse Anderson
University of Michigan
 Member Vanessa Volpe
North Carolina State University
 Member Linda Juang
University of Potsdam
 Member Sara Suzuki
Boston College
 Member Aprile Benner
University of Texas at Austin