Parent Advocacy

As mentioned before, affirming your transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth is just the beginning. Becoming an ally follows — and for many others — their journey takes them down the road of advocating for their children, families, and community. Many times this advocacy comes from necessity and expands as parents better understand the disparities and discrimination that their child’s community faces due to the lack of federal protections and inclusive policies.  Advocacy can take many shapes, from working with a school principal to ensure that all staff is trained on gender inclusion, to giving testimony at the state capitol.  Whether it’s behind closed doors or out in the public square, your voice as a parent is one of the most influential for changing policy and practice, and for changing hearts and minds.   

HRC Foundation's Parents for Transgender Equality National Council

HRC Foundation's Parents for Transgender Equality National Council is a coalition of some of the nation's leading parent-advocates working for equality and fairness for transgender people, with the intention of connecting, mobilizing, and amplifying many of the most powerful voices of love, inclusion, and support for transgender equality.

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Legal Assistance

These incredible civil rights legal defense organizations have helped shape and defend the rights of LGBTQIA people for more than three decades. Check out the work they have been doing, and know your rights as a parent of a transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth. 

Advocacy Organizations - Get Involved or Give a Donation

Many parents find advocacy and volunteer opportunities through their support communities, and also through their advocacy efforts. Here is a list of important nationally recognized and or local/ State organizations that you can support by volunteering or by making a financial contribution if you are able.  

More resources on organizations to learn about and support:
Impacts and Need for Parent Advocacy

No matter where you are in your journey with your child, at some point you might find yourself facing the decision to become more public in your advocacy work. Making the commitment to share such personal and sensitive information with others is not for everyone.

Some factors to consider as part of this decision are: Is everyone in your household on board and supportive of your child? Should you use your real name and photos? How much personal information about your child’s transition will you share? Are you prepared for possible negative consequences from sharing your story?

No matter what decisions you make about advocating publicly, the most important considerations are always safety and communication. Below you will find some examples of parents publicly sharing their families’ stories, but before you decide to put yourself in front of a reporter or camera, explore this guide created by leading LGBTQ organizations and parents with a wide range of experiences, identities, and levels of visibility.