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International Fellow Address 

Advancing research on adolescence in the Majority World: Challenges and recommendations

Brenda Lohman

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About: Dr. Brenda Lohman has specialized in a family system and developmental contextualist approach, earning a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies from The Ohio State University in 2000. Over the past two decades, Dr. Lohman’s research has explored adolescents' health including obesity, as well as their romantic relationships and sexual experiences and their impact on health and behaviors into adulthood. Dr. Lohman’s scholarship on adolescent health and family policy, particularly for underrepresented youth and families with limited family incomes, has shaped our understanding of at-risk youth and their families.


Sarah Killoren

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About: Dr. Sarah Killoren received her Ph.D. (2008) in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University. Her program of research focuses on associations between interpersonal relationships, culture, and adolescent and young adult adjustment. Currently, she is conducting studies on a) sibling relationships and youth’s experiences of stress; b) Latinx young adults’ romantic relationships; and c) female college students’ family relationships and their well-being. Her previous work includes projects focused on sisters’ communication about romantic relationships and sexuality and Mexican-origin college students’ well-being. She uses several different data collection techniques including in-depth interviews, surveys, and observations, and works with both quantitative and qualitative data.

International Committee

Vaishali V. Raval

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Dr. Vaishali Raval is professor of psychology and affiliate of global and intercultural studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, USA where she has been a faculty member for 16 years. Dr. Raval is committed to promoting inclusivity and addressing the historic underrepresentation and exclusion of marginalized communities in clinical developmental science. Her primary program of research focuses on cultural and contextual foundations of parenting, with a focus on emotion processes and how they relate to child and adolescent mental health outcomes among culturally diverse communities. In a related research trajectory, she explores contextual understanding of adolescent psychopathology, working to develop culturally informed mental health training and intervention approaches. A third line of research focuses on marginalization, racial ethnic socialization processes, and youth mental health among racially and ethnically minoritized communities in the USA. Her work has been recognized with the American Psychological Association (Division 52) Henry David International Psychology Mentoring Award, and Excellence in Internationalization Award from Christ University, Bengaluru, India. Along with her research, she has engaged in and led several initiatives towards promoting global representation in psychological science through service to professional organizations (chair of the International Committee of SRA, co-chair of International Affairs Committee of SRCD, a member of the U.S. National Committee for Psychological Science or USNC/IUPsyS) and editorial responsibilities (as associate editor of Journal of Research on Adolescence and Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology).