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Statement of International Consortium of Developmental Science Societies in response to 2023 Türkiye-Syria Earthquake

On Monday, February 6, a devastating earthquake struck the heart of Syria and Türkiye, causing devastating situations for our colleagues, their family, friends, and communities. The toll of this crisis is beyond comprehension with potentially long-standing effects on families, children, and communities. ICDSS extends our deepest sympathies and support. Your assistance, support, and aid are in great need RIGHT NOW.

You can donate to Ahbap, a Türkiye-based organization that is most trusted due to its transparent and organized system. They systematically reach out to all areas in the region.

Below is a list of several links to US-based organizations from our colleagues at AMENA-Psy and American Psychological Association of organizations and campaigns to help Syria and Türkiye. These organizations directly support “Ahbap”.

For more options to donate from the U.S. and other countries (including those who also help Syria), please see this list.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Gigi Awad and Bahaur Amini, AMENA-Psy and President of American Psychological Association Division 45 for sharing the links.