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Emerging Scholars

Emerging Scholar Spotlight:

Kendall Johnson

…and check out other recently spotlighted emerging scholars.

What is an emerging scholar?

emerging: 1. coming into prominence. 2. to come into view or notice. 3. the rising generation.

scholar: 1. a specialist in a given branch of knowledge. 2. a learned person. 3. a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher.

Adapted from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Emerging Scholar” is SRA’s term for ALL STUDENTS and NEW PROFESSIONALS. If you are an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a recent Ph.D., then YOU are an emerging scholar.

 SRA is committed to meeting the needs of emerging scholars. The Emerging Scholars Committee (ESC) is a group of students and new professionals who work to create and sustain opportunities for emerging scholars in the society. Get to know your representatives!

SRA offers a variety of resources and opportunities to emerging scholars, such as:

Professional Development Resources and Opportunities:

Conference Benefits:

  • Activities at the biennial meeting specifically for Emerging Scholars
  • An Emerging Scholar Lounge at the biennial meeting
  • Reduced membership rates
  • FREE conference registration for students who volunteer during the biennial meeting
  • Opportunities for students to review conference submissions together with a mentor

We are continually working to enhance the experience of students and new professionals who are interested in adolescent research and practice.

Recently Spotlighted Emerging Scholars

Kendall Johnson (August 2018)
Mollie McQuillan
(July 2018)
Mengya Xia
(June 2018)
Chia-chen Yang
(April 2018)
Tayler Loiselle (March 2018)
Madeleine George (February 2018)
Nicole Fava (November 2017)
Julie Cristello (October 2017)
Cait Cavanagh (August 2017)
Haylee DeLuca (June 2017)
Amanda Griffin (March 2017)
Traci Kennedy (December 2016)
Jackie Nesi (February 2016)
Sophia Choukas-Bailey (January 2016)
Elisa Trucco (October 2015)
Ryan Watson (September 2015)
Meghan Martz (June 2015)
Jessie Rudi (February 2015)

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