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Top 20 JRA Citations


Title Volume Issue Authors Type Year
We know some things: Parent-adolescent relationships in retrospect and prospect 11 1 Steinberg, L Article 2001
More than myth: The developmental significance of romantic relationships during adolescence 13 1 Collins, WAW Article 2003
Gender-linked vulnerabilites to depressive symptoms, stress, and problem behaviors in adolescents 5 1 Leadbeater, BJ; Blatt, SJ; Quinlan, DM Article 1995
Variations in bicultural identification among African American and Mexican American adolescents 7 1 Phinney, JS; Devich Navarro, M Article 1997
Parental ethnic socialization and adolescent coping with problems related to ethnicity 5 1 Phinney, JS; Chavira, V Article 1995
Adolescents’ perceptions of middle school: Relation to longitudinal changes in academic and psychological adjustment 8 1 Roeser, RW; Eccles, JS Article 1998
Racial identity matters: The relationship between racial discrimination and psychological functioning in African American adolescents 16 2 Sellers, RM; Copeland-Linder, N; Martin, PP; et al. Article 2006
What adolescents learn in organized youth activities: A survey of self-reported developmental experiences 13 1 Hansen, DM; Larson, RW; Dworkin, JB Article 2003
Parental monitoring and adolescent adjustment: An ecological perspective 10 1 Jacobson, KC; Crockett, LJ Article 2000
Promoting healthy adolescents: Synthesis of youth development program evaluations 8 4 Roth, J; Brooks-Gunn, J; Murray, L; et al. Article 1998
Factors influencing agreement between self-reports and biological measures of smoking among adolescents 6 4 Dolcini, MM; Adler, NE; Ginsberg, D Article 1996
Peer reputation among inner-city adolescents: Structure and correlates 6 4 Luthar, SS; McMahon, TJ Article 1996
Early initiation of sexual intercourse – The influence of psychological unconventionality 5 1 Costa, FM; Jessor, R; Donovan, JE; et al. Article 1995
An interactive model for the emergence of gender differences in depression in adolescence 4 4 Nolen Hoeksema, S Article 1994
Adolescent problem behavior in China and the United States: A cross-national study of psychological protective factors 13 3 Jessor, R; Turbin, MS; Costa, FM; et al. Article 2003
Concepts of romance in 15-year-old adolescents 6 2 Feiring, C Article 1996
How academic achievement, attitudes, and behaviors relate to the course of substance use during adolescence: A 6-year, multiwave national longitudinal study 13 3 Bryant, AL; Schulenberg, JE; O’Malley, PM; et al. Article 2003
Perceived relational support in adolescence: Dimensions, configurations, and adolescent adjustment 11 1 Scholte, RHJ; van Lieshout, CFM; van Aken, MAG Article 2001
Coping with family conflict and economic strain: The adolescent perspective 12 2 Wadsworth, ME; Compas, BE Article 2002
The peer context of adolescent substance use: Findings from social network analysis 16 2 Bellmore, A; Jiang, XL; Juvonen, J Article 2006
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