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Call for Special Issue Papers

Journal of Research on Adolescence
Special Section: Processes of Religious and Spiritual Influence in Adolescence
Editors: Sam Hardy & Pamela Ebstyne King
We are excited to announce a call for submissions for a special section of the Journal of Research on Adolescence dedicated to “Processes of Religious and Spiritual Influence in Adolescence,” to be co-edited by Sam Hardy and Pamela Ebstyne King.  While much research has demonstrated correlates of religiosity and spirituality, little is known about processes of influence linking them to positive youth outcomes.  Such processes answer questions regarding how, why, when, and for whom religiosity and spirituality influence adolescent positive development and thriving.  Thus, this special section will highlight cutting-edge theory and research elucidating the mediating and moderating mechanisms at work in positive religious and spiritual influence among adolescents.  Aspects of religiosity examined may include, but are not limited to, religious involvement, religious commitment/salience, religious identity, religious orientation/internalization, or religious beliefs.  Spirituality might focus on connection to the divine or more broadly on transcendence.  Studies can address religiosity, spirituality, or both.  Positive youth outcomes may include, but are not limited to, morality, identity, prosocial behavior, academic achievement, physical and mental health, psychological well-being, interpersonal relationships, or reduction in antisocial or health-risk behaviors.  All papers must include a theoretical model articulating processes of religious and/or spiritual influence on youth outcomes.  Applied implications (e.g., for policy and program development) are also helpful.  We encourage studies using longitudinal and experimental design, and welcome quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods research.
Authors are encouraged to submit a proposal for their manuscript in the form of a cover letter (not to exceed two pages) sent directly to Sam Hardy ( by December, 5th, 2016.  This cover letter should entail an abstract outlining the topic, method, analyses and results, and conclusions of the research.  Authors can submit to the special section without a proposal, but, we will be less able to provide early feedback on the competitiveness of your manuscript for inclusion in the special section.  We aim to provide feedback by January 6th.
Manuscript Submission Deadline: May 31th, 2017
Manuscript Preparation: Manuscripts should follow author guidelines outlined on the JRA website (


Manuscript Submission Portal: Please submit manuscripts to the JRA online submission portal (  Indicate in your cover letter that this submission is for the Special Section on Processes of Religious and Spiritual Influence in Adolescence. Then, when asked to select the type of manuscript, indicate it is for the Special Section.
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