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Journal of Research on Adolescence

The Journal of Research on Adolescence (JRA) presents methodological and theoretical papers of the highest standards of scholarship. Studies are featured that use diverse methods including multivariate, longitudinal, demographic, clinical, ethnographic, and experimental analyses. Cross-national, cross-cultural, and studies of gender, ethnic, and racial diversity are of particular interest. Members of SRA receive the Journal four times per year, and are encouraged to submit original papers for peer review and publication.

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Recently published in JRA
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Forthcoming Special Issues

  • Parenting Adolescents in a Multicultural Context: Defining, Refining, and Extending Theory and Research.  Edited by Deborah Jones and Andrea Hussong.
  • The New Biobehavioral Developmental Science of Puberty. Edited by Lorah Dorn, Lisa Crockett. Elizabeth Susman, and Anne Petersen.
  • Processes of Religious and Spiritual Influence in Adolescence.  Edited by Sam Hardy and Pamela Ebstyne King.
  • Promises, Perils, and Practicalities of Ambulatory Assessment for Capturing Adolescent Development.  Edited by Amy Bellmore, Kathryn Modecki, Michael Russell, Rachel Goldberg, Samuel Ehrenreich.

Recently Published Special Issues

Adolescent Brain Development: Implications for Understanding Risk and Resilience Processes Through Neuroimaging Research Edited by Amanda Sheffield Morris, Lindsay M. Squeglia, Joanna Jacobus and Jennifer S. Silk. (March, 2018; Volume 28, Issue 1).

  • Connecting Theory and Methods in Adolescent Brain Research.  Adriene M. Beltz
  • Pathways to Youth Behavior: The Role of Genetic, Neural, and Behavioral Markers. Elisa M. Trucco, Lora M. Cope, Margit Burmeister, Robert A. Zucker and Mary M. Heitzeg
  • Positive and Negative Affect and Adolescent Adjustment: Moderation Effects of Prefrontal Functioning. Alexis Brieant, Christopher J. Holmes, Dominique Maciejewski, Jacob Lee, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Brooks King-Casas and Jungmeen Kim-Spoon
  • Neural Correlates of Risky Sex and Response Inhibition in High-Risk Adolescents.  Natasha S. Hansen, Rachel E. Thayer, Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, AmithrupaSabbineni and Angela D. Bryan
  • Neural Substrates of Counterfactual Emotions After Risky Decisions in Late Adolescents and Young Adults.  María José Rodrigo, IvánPadrón, Manuel de Vega and Evelyn Ferstl
  • Prefrontal Cortical Response to Negative Social Words Links Social Risk to Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence.  Kyung Hwa Lee, Caroline W. Oppenheimer, Greg J. Siegle, Cecile D. Ladouceur, Grace E. Lee, Jennifer S. Silk and Ronald E. Dahl
  • Do Hostile School Environments Promote Social Deviance by Shaping Neural Responses to Social Exclusion?  Roberta A. Schriber, Christina R. Rogers, Emilio Ferrer, Rand D. Conger, Richard W. Robins, Paul D. Hastings and Amanda E. Guyer
  • Dyadic Neural Similarity During Stress in Mother–Child Dyads.  Tae-Ho Lee, Yang Qu and Eva H. Telzer
  • Longitudinal Associations Between Family Aggression, Externalizing Behavior, and the Structure and Function of the Amygdala.  Darby Saxbe, Hannah Lyden, Sarah I. Gimbel, Matthew Sachs, Larissa B. Del Piero, GaylaMargolin and Jonas T. Kaplan
  • Broadening the Impact of Developmental Neuroscience on the Study of Adolescence (Commentary).  Andrew J. Fuligni, Mirella Dapretto and Adriana Galván
  • The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study (Commentary).  Terry L. Jernigan, Sandra A. Brown and Gayathri J. Dowling
  • A Ripe Time for Adolescent Research (Commentary).  Jay N. Giedd

What’s Race Got to Do With It? Racial Socialization’s Contribution to Black Adolescent Coping

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