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The Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) welcomes scholarly articles/blogs related to adolescence based on the criteria described below. Content must be consistent with our mission statement and must be submitted by a member of SRA, an officer of a fellow organization, or an author whose work has recently appeared in the Journal of Research on Adolescence. We welcome the following content:

Articles/Blogs: The SRA website accepts submissions in the areas listed below. Submissions should be approximately 500-750 words, and may be written in an expert or research voice. Submissions are always welcome. SRA Online should not be considered a site of first publication for empirical research or reviews.

Contributors should specify the website section where they intend their article to be published:

  • Research Summaries: Lay language summaries of a specific journal article (in press or published) or a summary of a body of work. These articles may focus on a specific theory/approach, explain a particular methodology, or review findings.
  • Applying Findings: Discussion of the implications of a study (or series of studies) that specifically address how website visitors might use these findings in their own professional or personal interactions with adolescents.
  • Teaching Adolescence: Articles describing an exercise, activity, or assignment that might be used when teaching the topic of adolescence/adolescent development. This content is primarily geared for undergraduate and graduate instructors.
  • Academic Life: Blogs discussing various aspects of academic life, including the dissertation process, job search, being a mentor or mentee, tenure review, and the like.

If you’re interested in writing an op-ed for a “traditional” news website, the New York Times has some recommendations.

Queries and submissions should be sent via our contact form. You can learn more about the online editorial team here.


Online Publications Team

The online publications team consists of:

Editor, Online Publications

Andrew P. Smiler, Ph.D. is an award-winning author and psychotherapist residing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. He received his Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of New Hampshire and has had previous faculty appointments at SUNY-Oswego and Wake Forest University. Dr. Smiler’s research on issues of gender roles and adolescent sexuality has resulted in extensive publications aimed at researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and the lay public.

Associate Editors, Online Publications

Elizabeth H. Weybright, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in Human Development and Adolescent Extension Specialist at Washington State University. She received her Ph.D. in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management at Pennsylvania State University. Her research centers on understanding the relationship between adolescent development and leisure, or free time use, from a prevention perspective. Specifically, she identifies how the leisure context promotes healthy development or contributes to engagement in risk behavior to inform intervention approaches.

Albert J. Ksinan received his M.S. in Psychology from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the Department of Family Sciences at University of Kentucky. His research focuses on the development of delinquent behaviors, personality, behavior genetics, and application of new quantitative methods.

Shannon D. Snapp, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in Psychology at California State University, Monterey Bay. She received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Boston College and completed her postdoctoral training at the University of Arizona. She uses interdisciplinary and mixed- methods research to examine practices and policies that support and hinder underrepresented young people’s well-being, with a focus on the experiences of LGBTQ youth, youth of color, and youth whose identities and experiences intersect. She currently teaches “Social Psychology and Social Justice” and a new course she developed called “How to Love” on the art and science of love and intimacy. In addition to her academic work, Shannon is trained in yoga, reiki, and meditation and enjoys bringing these restorative practices into academia and the broader community.

Emerging Scholar Bloggers (2018-2020)

Matthew Hagler is currently studying clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston with Dr. Jean Rhodes. His research focuses on adult-youth relationships and youth mentoring interventions.

Kendall Johnson is currently studying to obtain her PhD in Social Work at Boston University under the mentorship of Judith Scott (MSW,MPP,PhD). Her research seeks to understand the effects of trauma and community violence, especially homicide, on the Black families’ and communities’ mental health, as well as the supports they utilize in response to traumatic loss and violent events. 

Jenna L. McPherson received her M.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in Spring 2017. She is currently working with Dr. Graciela Espinosa-Hernández as she prepares to apply for Ph.D. programs in the fall. Her research interests include romantic relationship initiation.

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History & Mission

Established in the winter of 1984, the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) is a rapidly growing, dynamic society focused on the theoretical, empirical, and policy research issues of adolescence. Through its biennial meetings and publishing efforts, SRA promotes the dissemination of research on adolescents and serves as a network and forum for its members. SRA publishes the Journal of Research on Adolescence.


As a community of researchers, our goals are to advance understanding of adolescence and enhance the wellbeing of youth in a globalized world. We promote high-quality research that considers the biological, psychological, and sociocultural aspects of development in context. We aim to lead and shape scientific and public discourse on youth and adolescence, and to guide parenting, schooling, programs, and policies. In order to achieve these goals we foster the professional development and growth of all members, and are relevant, visible, diverse, and global in perspective.

As a society we share a set of values that informs our research and practice, including:

  1. We value young people – their experiences and perspectives – and see them as critical to a better future.
  2. We value research as a foundation for raising children and for informing educational and community programs, practices and policies that shape the lives of youth.
  3. We value diversity of membership including national, cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic, ability, and professional status.
  4. We value diversity in scholarship, including the study of diverse populations; disciplinary perspectives; and methodological approaches.

SRA currently serves over 1,300 members representing 30 countries throughout the world. The Society is governed by its Executive Council according to a constitution and by-laws.

SRA Past Presidents

Governance / Committees


Executive Council
Rob Crosnoe, President 2018-2020
Velma Murry, President Elect 2018-2020
Lisa Crockett, Past President 2018-2020
Gabriela Stein, Vice President Programming 2018-2022
Michael Cunningham 2016-2020
Nancy Gonzales 2016-2020
Elizabeth Cauffman 2018-2022
Enrique Neblett 2018-2022
Linda Juang 2018-2022
Caitlin Cavanagh, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Haylee DeLuca, Emerging Scholar Representative 2018-2022
SRA Past Presidents
Awards Sub-Committee: Individual Awards
 Mission Statement
Christy Buchanan, Chair
Michael Cunningham, Executive Council Representative 2016-2020
Aura Ankita Mishra, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Individual Awards Members: Dissertation Awards
Alexander Vazsonyi 2016-2020
Chun Bun Ian Lam 2016-2020
Virginia Huynh 2014-2018
Luke Hyde 2014-2018
Kerry Keyes 2014-2018
Debbie Rivas-Drake 2014-2018
Individual Awards Members: Early Career & John P. Hill Memorial Award
Michael Cunningham (chair & EC rep) 2017-2020
Elizabeth Cauffman 2014-2018
Monica Johnson 2014-2018
Renee Spencer 2015-2018
Shawn Whiteman 2017-2020
Aura Ankita Mishra, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Awards Sub-Committee:
Social Policy Committee
Rachel Gordon, Co-chair 2014-2018
Rebekah Levine Coley, Co-chair 2014-2018
Matthew Diemer 2014-2018
Connie Flanagan 2015-2018
Sarah Lynne-Landsman 2014-2018
Mike McKenzie 2014-2018
Patrick Tolan, Executive Council Representative 2014-2018
Vivian Tseng 2014-2018
Emily Waterman, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Mid-Career Award in Research Excellence
Catherine Bradshaw, Chair 2015-2016
Bo Cleveland 2016-2016
Lene Arnett Jensen 2015-2016
Tama Leventhal 2015-2016
Guilherme Wendt, Emerging Scholar Representative 2015-2016
Noel Card 2017-2020
Outstanding Mentor Award
Clea McNeely, Chair & Executive Council Representative 2015-2018
Cleo Caldwell 2015-2018
Bonnie Leadbeater 2015-2018
Janis Whitlock 2015-2018
Luke Rapa 2017-2020
Organizational Award
Rich Lerner 2017-2020
Christine Grove 2017-2020
Alaina Brennick 2017-2020
Andrew Fuligni 2017-2020
Emerging Scholars Committee (ESC)
Mission Statement
Caitlin Cavanagh, Co-Chair 2016-2020
Haylee DeLuca, Co-Chair 2018-2022
Chenoa Allen, Consensus 2016-2020
Diamond Bravo, Membership 2016-2020
Heather Hessel, Finance 2018-2022
Meghan Martz, Publications 2016-2020
Myles Maxey, Interdisciplinary 2018-2022
Aura Ankita Mishra, Individual Awards 2016-2020
Vincent Munywoki, International 2018-2022
Lilla Pivnick, Media 2018-2022
Amanda Pollit, Diversity 2016-2020
Emily Rolan, Publications 2016-2020
Emily Waterman, Social Policy 2016-2020
Finance Committee
Mission Statement
Shannon Cavanagh, Co-chair 2014-2018
Justin Jager, Co-Chair 2014-2018
Aprile Benner 2016-2020
Stephen Russell 2016-2020
Rick Burdick, Ex Officio 2005-
Rob Crosnoe, Ex Officio 2014-2018
Lisa Crockett, Ex Officio 2014-2018
Ryan Watson, Emerging Scholars Representative 2014-2018
Interdisciplinary Committee
Lorah Dorn, Co-chair 2014-2018
Andrew Fuligni, Co-chair 2014-2018
Sarah Beal 2014-2018
Cleo Caldwell 2014-2018
Pamela Davis-Kean 2014-2018
Jennifer Doty, Emerging Scholar Representative 2014-2018
Adriana Galvan 2014-2018
Lynn Karoly 2016-2018
Todd Little 2014-2018
Wendy Manning 2014-2018
Laurie Meschke 2014-2018
Nancy Darling, Executive Council Representative 2016-2018
International Committee
Mission Statement
Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck, Chair 2014-2018
Laura Taylor, Co-chair 2016-2020 
Gus Carlo 2016-2020
Xinyin Chen 2014-2018
Silvia Koller, Executive Council Representative 2014-2018
Baerbel Kracke 2014-2018
Jennifer Maggs 2014-2018
Julie Maslowsky 2014-2018
Ritu Singh 2014-2018
Caroline Spellings 2014-2018
Royette Tavernier 2016-2020
Guilherme Wendt, Emerging Scholar Representative 2014-2018
International Fellows Program
Loreto Martinez Guzman, Chair 2014-2018
Silvia Koller, Executive Council Representative 2014-2018
Raija-Leena Punamaki 2018-2020
Bonnie Barber 2018-2020
International Young Scholars Program
Laura Pittman, Co-chair 2014-2018 
Brenda Lohman, Co-Chair 2016-2020
Media & Communications
Mission Statement
Deinera Exner-Cortens, Chair 2012-2018
Jeff Cookston, Co-chair 2016-2020
Veronica Fruiht 2016-2020 
Mollie McQuillan, Media & Communications 2014-2018
Patrick Tolan, Executive Council Representative 2016-2018
Amanda Lenhart 2016-2018
Elizabeth Weybright 2016-2020
Jodi Dworkin, Ex-Officio 2012-2016

Amy Glaspie, Ex-Officio 2012-
Mission Statement
Linda Juang, Chair 2014-2018
Kim Updegraff, Co-chair 2016-2020
Lixian Cui 2016-2020
Gizem Erdem 2014-2018
Linda Halgunseth 216-2020
Vera Lopez 2014-2018
Teru Toyokawa 2014-2018
Julie Wargo Aiken 2014-2018
Deborah Welsh 2014-2018
Diamond Bravo, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Mission Statement | Process  
John Schulenberg, Chair 2016-2018
Mission Statement
Jasna Jovanovic, 2018 Co-Chair 2014-2018
Mitch Prinstein, 2018 Co-Chair 2014-2018
Rachel Gordon 2016-2020
Paige Hardin 2016-2020
Caitlin Cavanagh, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Jessie Rudi, Emerging Scholar Representative 2014-2018
Rob Crosnoe, Ex Officio 2016-2020
Lisa Crockett, Ex Officio 2014-2018
Anne Perdue, Ex Officio 2012-
Mission Statement
Brad Brown, Chair 2015-2018
Laura Wray-Lake 2012-2018
Jerel Calzo 2014-2018
Brian Carolan 2014-2018
Meghan Martz, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Nancy Gonzales, Executive Council Representative
Katie Roche 2014-2018
Nicole Campione-Barr
Innovative Small Grants
Mission Statement  
Silvia Koller, Co-chair, Executive Council Representative 2014-2018
Vivien Huan 2014-2018
Beth McDaniel, Emerging Scholars Representative 2014-2018
Susan Sy 2014-2018
Undergraduate Scholars Program
Jeff Cookston, Co-Chair
Rosalie Corona, Co-Chair 2014-2018
Consensus Committee
MIssion Statement
Eva Lefkowitz, Chair 2016-2018
Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Co-chair 2014-2020
Michael Cunningham, Executive Council Representative 2016-2020
Dorothy Espelage 2016-2020
Reed Larson 2012-2018
Chenoa Allen, Emerging Scholar Representative 2012-2016
Robin Stevens 2016-2020
Laura Wray-Lake 2016-2020
Diversity & Equity Committee
Mission Statement
Gabriela Chavira, Chair 2012-2018
Russell Toomey, Co-chair 2014-2018
Eleanor Seaton 2012-2018
Margarita Azmitia 2014-2018
Nancy Gonzales, Executive Council Representative 2016-2020
Velma Murry, Executive Council Representative 2014-2018
Amanda Pollitt, Emerging Scholar Representative 2016-2020
Fatima Varner 2014-2018
Terri Williams 2014-2018
Frontiers – Ad hoc Committee
John Schulenberg, Chair
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