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Help Promote Our Work!

Kleenex, Xerox, Band-Aids. Just reading those names probably evokes the product associated with the brand. A number of years ago, the Executive Committee of the Society for Research on Adolescence articulated an ambitions aspiration for SRA to be the go-to source for information on adolescents. Although such an aspiration is multifaceted, the news media can play an important role in the translation of our science to those who directly influence the lives of adolescents. But how does SRA become as identified with “sound information about adolescents” as Lego is known for “interlocking plastic bricks”? Seeking answers to this question is the charge of the SRA Media and Communications committee, and we believe our biennial conference is a time to share what we know.

For the first time in SRA’s history, we are happy to share that the press will have free access to the conference and a room to work. Our committee has also created the first-ever SRA biennial conference press kit, a set of promotional materials designed for members of the media that provides information about a product, a person, or an event. Our press kit includes information about the society and highlights the conference’s invited program. Members of the media use the press kit to determine whether an event is worth covering. But we need to get the press kit into the hands of the press.

Here are three easy things you can do before the conference to help us engage with the news media.

  1. Share the link to the press kit through your social media feeds. You know a lot of people (and they know people you don’t) and by sharing the #SRA18 press kit, we might find advocates who might not otherwise know about us.
  2. If you are presenting your work and work at an organization with a media office, reach out to your communications office and explore the possibility of creating a press release to coordinate with the conference.
  3. If you know members of the news media, please share the press kit with them in a personalized email. And by news media, let’s cast the net wide. If you’ve been interviewed, you could share the press kit with the journalist you met. If you know someone in journalism, then pass along our press kit. If you know someone who writes a blog about science, family, or schools, let them know about our conference.

And here are three things you can do at the conference to get the word out about our discoveries:

  1. Include #SRA18 in your social media posts.
  2. Follow SRA’s social media accounts.
  3. Promote your work using Facebook Live or Periscope.

It’s going to take work to establish SRA as the definitive outlet for the science of adolescence, but we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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