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Academic Life
Applying Findings
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Research Summaries
Scholar Programs
Teaching Adolesence

Invited Program

Invited Keynotes

Danielle Dick
Virginia Commonwealth University
Genetic Influences on Behavior

Debbie Rivas-Drake

Debbie Rivas-Drake
University of Michigan
Ethnic Identity

Nora Wiium

Nora Wiium
University of Bergen
Global Research























Invited Addresses

Mesmin Destin

Mesmin Destin
Northwestern University
Social Mobility and Education Opportunity

Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill
Harvard University












Invited International Fellow Address

María Cristina Richaud
Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigaciones en Psicología












Roberta Simmons Prize Lecture

Nilda Flores-Gonzales
Arizona State University












Invited Dual Lectures

Anna Strassman Mueller

Anna Strassman Mueller
University of Chicago
Teen Suicide and Self-Injury

Peter Wyman
University of Rochester 
Teen Suicide and Self-Injury

Ben Kirshner

Ben Kirshner
University of Colorado, Boulder
Youth Participatory Action Research

Emily Ozer

Emily Ozer
University of California, Berkeley 
Youth Participatory Action Research






















Invited Paper Symposia

Amy Syvertsen

Amy Syvertsen, Co-Chair
Search Institute 
Youth Politics and Civic Engagement

Laura Wray-Lake

Laura Wray-Lake, Co-Chair
University of California, Los Angeles
Youth Politics and Civic Engagement

Lene Jensen, Participant
Clark University
Civic Development in Cultural Context

Rashmita Mistry, Participant
University of California, Los Angeles
Adolescents’ Understandings of Inequality

Veronica Terriquez, Participant
University of California, Santa Cruz
Intersectional Identities and Youth Political Mobilization


































Paper Symposium: Developmental Neuroscience of Adolescence

Catherine Hartley, Chair
New York University

Wouter van den Bos, Participant
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Testosterone, Impatience, Risky Decision-Making

Jennifer Pfeifer, Participant
University of Oregon

Social Neuroscience























Paper Symposium: Visualizing Queer and Trans Youth Lives in the Current Sociopolitical Climate: Beyond Risk

Russ Toomey

Russ Toomey, Chair
University of Arizona












Paper Symposium: Critical Consciousness, Racism, and Racial Socialization

Elan Hope

Elan Hope, Chair
North Carolina State University

Riana Anderson, Participant
University of Michigan
Health Behavior & Health Education












Invited Dialogue: Interdiciplinarity and the Advancement of Research on Adolescents

Rob Crosnoe, Moderator
University of Texas, Austin

Aerika Brittian-Loyd, Panelist
University of Illnois at Chicago

Psychology & Public Health

Andrew Fuligni, Panelist
University of California, Los Angeles
Developmental Psychology, Neuroscience

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Panelist
University of South California, Rossier

Multidisciplinary Research Methods

Derlene Kertes, Panelist
University of Florida

Developmental Psychology, Neuroendocrinology, Genetics


































Invited Dialogue: Teen Media Use

Andrew Smiler, Moderator











Invited Dialogue: Diverse Career Paths

Sarah Lynne, Moderator
University of Florida

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