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Adolescence-Focused Course Syllabi

Below is a collection of adolescent-focused course syllabi from various institutions. Some of the syllabi include learning activities, such as article analyses (Arnett), various paper and presentation topics (Meschke), and learning groups with specific roles for each student to create an engaged and active classroom (Qin). While most of the syllabi are from general adolescent psychology courses, there are some focusing on specific aspects of adolescence such as problem behaviors, community engagement, parent-adolescent relationships, and a laboratory on adolescent development.

If you would like your syllabus to be included on this list please email Linda Juang at

Instructor Course Title Current Institution Level
Jeffrey Arnett Adolescent Development Clark University Undergraduate
Margarita Azmitia Adolescent Development


Identity Development in Social and Cultural Contexts


Senior Seminar on Media Contexts of Adolescence and Young Adult Development

University of California, Santa Cruz Undergraduate






Amy Bellmore Human Development in Adolescence


Adolescent Development

University of Wisconsin at Madison






Deborah Casper Problems in Child/Adolescent Development and Relations University of Arizona Undergraduate
Jeffrey Cookston Adolescent Psychology San Francisco State University Undergraduate
Nancy Darling Laboratory in Adolescent Development


Rubrics for Presentation and Group Evaluations

Oberlin College Undergraduate
Justin Jager Adolescence Arizona State University Undergraduate
Linda Juang Adolescent Psychology University of Potsdam Undergraduate
Eva Lefkowitz Adolescent Development Penn State University Graduate
Alexandra Loukas Risk and Resilience in Adolescence University of Texas at Austin Undergraduate
Laurie Meschke Experiential Learning Activity Seminar


Experiential Learning Activity Practice


Community Youth Development


Ethics and Principles in Serving Youth

University of Tennessee Undergraduate
Zena Mello Adolescence and Young Adulthood San Francisco State University Graduate
Robert Roeser Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Portland State University Undergraduate
John Santrock Adolescence University of Texas at Dallas Undergraduate
Sandi Simpkins Parent-Adolescent Relationships Arizona State University  
Moin Syed Multicultural Psychology


Developmental Psychology: Individual and Cultural Differences


(Note: For these courses, readings and discussion focus primarily on adolescence and emerging adulthood)

University of Minnesota Graduate
Desiree Qin Adolescent Development Michigan State University Graduate


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