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A Blog About “Teenage”

By: Linda Juang, University of Potsdam

Teaching Associate Editor


The movie documentary “Teenage”, directed by Matt Wolf, is based on British historian Jon Savage’s book that reviews the rise of youth culture in the U.S. and Europe from 1900 to 1945. The website for the movie has an excellent “youth culture blog” where current and archival photos of teens from around the world are posted and described:

One section of the blog is dedicated to presenting diary entries, pages from scrapbooks and sketchbooks, photos, and videos of teenagers past and present:

In the “archive fever” section there are glimpses (through photos, newspapers, and a few videos) into a diverse array of teens such as Turkish high schoolers, punk rock girls of Houston, Texas in the 70s, Bedouin youth, and Blitz Kids, to name a few:

This website is an excellent resource to find examples of teen culture and to compare past and present lives and experiences of teens from various countries and subgroups. The diversity of teens portrayed also could lead into a discussion on why we have such a term as “teen culture”. Why do we not have a term to refer to “adult culture” or “child culture”? Why do we have a term that suggests that the developmental stage of adolescence may be more homogenous than others when, in fact, it is not?

There is material on this blog that is relevant for a wide range of topics: peer groups, identity, culture, history of adolescence, and media.

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