Why YOU Should Apply for the EADP-EARA-SRA Summer School!

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Compiled by Jessie Rudi

I had such a spectacular time at summer school and am so glad it's back!”


 “I really enjoyed my experience and definitely encourage other emerging scholars to apply for this opportunity.”


You may have recently heard that the 2017 Summer School for emerging scholars will be jointly hosted by the European Association for Developmental Psychology, the European Association for Research on Adolescence, and the Society for Research on Adolescence.

This is one of SRA’s “hidden treasures” for emerging scholars! In a nutshell, the summer school brings together established researchers and doctoral students for several intensive days of research training. The 2017 Summer School will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands from August 26th-29th, just before the 18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology. See the official announcement and details for how to apply for the summer school here.

I contacted a few Summer School alumni and asked them for their top reason why YOU should apply for the Summer School!

Here’s what they had to say:

Networking with Junior and Senior Scholars

·         “We were able to build relationships with junior and senior scholars who are conducting important and inspiring work.”

·         “Senior scholars were instrumental in developing a supportive, yet challenging environment.”

·         “Summer School led to future collaborations at SRA meetings and professional relationships that will continue throughout our careers.”

·         “Through our shared experiences, we formed lasting friendships.”

·         “Since the summer school, we have supported and encouraged each other through the ups and downs of academic life.”

“Imagine Summer Camp for Academics”

·         “Junior scholars had the opportunity to explore new ideas, new methods, and new ways of thinking about their and others’ research in a creative and trusting setting.”

·          “Allotted time to work together in small groups to formulate mock research questions and methodological approaches collaboratively.”

New Perspectives on Research and Adolescence

·         “Provided valuable feedback on my dissertation work.”

·         “The opportunity to think creatively and critically with others was invigorating.”

·         “Critique and suggestions offered by senior scholars and peers led to fruitful discussions and helpful changes to ongoing and future studies.”

Thank you to EARA-SRA Summer School alumni who contributed to this blog post: Diana Meter, Meghan Martz, and Loes Pouwels. 


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