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Originating in Europe, the EARA-SRA Summer Schools are a joint project of the European Society for Research on Adolescence (EARA) and the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) that provide an opportunity for doctoral students to learn from some of the best researchers in the world.

Each year, up to eight researchers are brought to interact with 24 doctoral students from across the world. The schools, funded by the Jacobs Foundation, are designed to be five to six days packed with presentations and activities that are designed to maximize their professional development, bringing students new insights into research and allowing them to create collaborative networks with scholars around the world. The work begins before the school begins – students have read about 24 articles before arriving at the school, familiarizing them with the topics to be presented. Once at the school, activities typically begin early in the morning and continue into the evening. The doctoral students or Junior Scholars begin their day with presentations from the researchers or Senior Scholars, followed by active learning assignments. These presentation-activities alternate with student presentations, where the Junior Scholars are paired with Senior Scholars who provide feedback and guidance on their research interests. These often are ideas about future research. Other activities include opportunities to consult with Senior Scholars about methodological issues and time to socialize with each other. The schools were originally created by EARA scholar, Professor Monique Bolognini, and were brought to SRA by Professor Håkan Stattin, as the chair of the international committee. The format of the schools was successfully developed in Europe, where EARA has held schools in Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey.

Now held jointly by EARA and SRA, the Summer Schools have run annually for five years now, in Torino, Italy; Vancouver, Canada, Örebro, Sweden, Kent, Ohio, USA and Utrecht, The Netherlands alternating between North American and European sites. The schools have been a resounding success from the perspective of the attendees and the Jacobs Foundation, which has agreed to provide funding for several more years.

Since 2008, EARA and SRA have jointly organized Summer Schools, which are training grounds for young scholars interested in adolescent development. Originally held by EARA, the Summer Schools have been a tradition since 2001 with generous funding by the Johan Jacobs Foundation. The Summer Schools bring together established researchers, recognized for their expertise and teaching abilities, with doctoral students from around the globe for five intensive days of research training. The training includes exposure to innovative and creative research, as well as workshops honing professional skills. The summer schools have given students enthusiasm to search for scientific guidance outside of the walls of their universities and borders of their countries.
2015 Summer School Call for Applications
In 2015, the Summer School will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from May 18th to May 24th.  The summer school will be directed by Lauree Tilton-Weaver and co-directed by Jeff Kiesner.  The Senior Scholars for this year are (in alphabetical order): Susan Branje, Pascal Deboek, Candace Currie, Nancy Gonzales, Patricia Hawley, Janis Kupersmidt, Robert Roeser, Elizabeth Saewyc, Wendy Troop-Gordon, and Frank Worrell.
We invite doctoral students in any part of the world to apply. A total of 26 students will be selected on the basis of their academic records, research experience, letters of recommendation, and overall evidence of scientific aptitude and competence. Students who apply should have their doctoral research planned or underway, but not completed. Preference is given to students who are mid-way in their research, so that they can benefit from the critiques given during the school. Students will receive travel subsidies (as much of the total cost as possible), with accommodations and meals paid for by the School.
Send the following documents in English, saved as Word (.docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. 
  1. Your curriculum vitae (labeled
  2. A short description of your dissertation topic and progress so far (1-2 pages double spaced), (labeled yourname.dissertation)
  3. A recommendation letter from your supervisor (labeled yourname.docx).
Send the files, by email, to the Director of the 2015 EARA-SRA Summer School: 
Prof. Dr. Lauree Tilton-Weaver (
Applications must be received by January 15th 2015. All applications received by that date will be evaluated by members of the EARA-SRA Summer School Committee, with notifications emailed by February 15th 2015.


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